I'm Kathryn de la Rosa 🔮, a Filipinx-American playwright, dramaturg & audio producer from Kentucky.

Currently, I'm editing 🎧 an expat's audio memoir and dramaturging a new historical musical. My plays are about postcolonialism, diaspora and belief, with humor and love for young womxn in the middle of America. I also write a newsletter about, so far, Taylor Swift 🐍 and literary management.

Previously, I have:

Across mediums, my work 🌻 is the same: collaborating with playwrights, theaters and brands to tell stories, via new play & production dramaturgy and narrative podcasts. I'm interested in bridging audio fiction and radio drama, dismantling the nonprofit theater industrial complex, and meeting cool creative people on Zoom. You're welcome to email or WhatsApp 💬 me, and I'm what they call extremely online.

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