Kathryn de la Rosa Work Writing Astrology

I’m a dramaturg and writer based remotely in southwest Florida. I write plays about colonialism, Christ and capital, and love curious, didactic, massive-yet-buoyant stories. With an educational background in radio, I collaborate on primarily new stage and audio works, currently with Audible Theater and by direct consultation.

As of fall 2021, I’m pursing graduate studies at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, with interest in historical criticism, postcolonial theologies, and Marxist hermeneutics.

I'm a practicing astrologer (and disgrace to my j-school). In my free time, I knit in abject denial of latitude. Besides Florida, I have lived in Kentucky, Arkansas and Indiana.

Lately, I’m thinking about dialectical theater and culture war. If you’d like to talk about these or any other things, please email me.


delarosakathryn@gmail.com New Play Exchange i promise this isn’t just about taylor swift Twitter