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Kathryn de la Rosa is a Filipinx writer, (mostly) new play dramaturg, audio producer, Swiftie, and former college newspaper astrologer from Kentucky.

Between mediums, their work is the same: collaborating with writers, theaters and brands to tell stories. Kathryn brings the same ear for character and dramatic structure to live theater and narrative audio both reported and fictional. They have worked as a dramaturg at Actors Theatre of Louisville, Working Title Playwrights, The New Harmony Project, College of the Holy Cross and Indiana University, and produced or edited podcasts for Larj Media, Playing On Air and Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Kathryn aspires to theater that is buoyantly radical and unashamedly silly, with humor and reverence for young women in the middle of America. They write plays set in Kentucky, Indiana and the Philippines with a vocabulary of pop music, liberation theology, the darkest corners of the Internet, and the zillennial cusp. Their plays have been developed with their Actors Theatre apprentice cohort, in Indiana University's At First Sight new play festival, and by University Players.

They did most of their growing up in Kentucky and Arkansas, and graduated from Indiana University with degrees in theater and journalism.
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