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Remote from southwest Florida
Eastern Time delarosakathryn@gmail.com

Kathryn de la Rosa is a dramaturg, writer and scholar specialized in new stage and audio works as a contractor and consultant.

Born after sunrise in Kentucky during a Virgo full moon, Kathryn grew up reconciling Kapampangan and Visayan syncreticism in Catholic communities throughout the South and Midwest while singing every part of the Johanna Quartet into Audacity on Windows Vista. After graduating college almost directly into the pandemic, Kathryn split time between theater and podcasts before starting their MA at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in September 2021.

Kathryn writes plays and nonfiction about belief, belonging, and anti-imperialist struggle. Their research focuses on Marxist biblical criticism, religious nationalism, and global Christianities. As of January 2022, they're deep in grad school and ongoing projects, but open to consultations dramaturgical & astrological.

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