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I've studied western astrology seriously since 2017, and I wrote and illustrated the Indiana Daily Student's weekly astrology column with a fraction of the knowledge I have now. I started doing more formal readings for friends in 2020, due to a lack of parties where I'd squint at Astrodienst on my phone and yell about people's Saturns, along with the focused study that comes with starting an immunosuppressant a month before a pandemic.

If you know me, I neither own crystals or think my tarot decks have feelings. I understand astrology as a man-made system, just like language or religion, created in the context of a certain time to serve the interests of a certain class. It’s not dissimilar to how I think of Catholicism: a tradition with a (less violent) history you have to study before you break and remake it into something new.

While I'm not exclusively a Hellenistic astrologer, it's where I start, especially in the spirit of valuing material conditions over interiority, e.g.: one of the most disturbing things about modern astrology is people using the language of psychology. I use:

To book, read on about what I offer, then fill out the form below (also linked here). All readings take place on Zoom and are recorded for your later reference. I will contact you to schedule our session and ask or answer any followup questions within 48 hours of receiving your order. Your reading is confirmed upon payment via paypal.me/kdlrose or Venmo (@kdlrose).

full birth chart reading
1h15m, $50–75

Your first reading! We'll talk about how your "big three"—your ascendant, Sun and Moon—interact with other planets and points to shape your chart as a whole. My goal is to demystify the natal wheel, and leave you excited and confident about further exploring western astrology.

mini readings
40 minutes, $30–45

ascendant reading: For the astro-curious not quite ready for a birth chart reading. I'll introduce you to the ruler of your rising sign, the cornerstone of my full natal sessions and one of my favorite things to discuss.

mercury reading: For writers. Your natal Mercury rules not only how you write and think, but the subjects and audiences that interest you. We'll look at where your Mercury falls, how it accesses what it needs, and any current transits that may signal a creative influx or block.