90-minute natal astrology reading
$50–75 sliding scale
The first reading. We'll build your natal chart from its cornerstone, starting with the ruler of your ascendant, the Sun and the Moon, and how they work other planets to steer your chart as a whole. In the last half hour, I can address any current curiosities or concerns you might have. book →

email reading
$30–45 sliding scale
For followup and focused questions, like why was April 2016 so bad? What should I make art about? What should I be ready for this year? I'll look at your chart and any relevant transits, and write a personalized reading for what you're working through. order →

I've studied Western astrology seriously since 2017, and I wrote and illustrated the Indiana Daily Student's weekly astrology column with a fraction of the knowledge I have now. I started consulting with friends and clients in 2020 due to a lack of parties where I'd squint at Astrodienst on my phone and yell about people's Saturns. By nature of who I know and how I use astrology for myself, my pet interest is creativity as described by Mercury, Venus and the 5th house in the charts of writers and other artists.

I understand astrology as a man-made system like language or religion, created in the context of a certain time to serve the interests of a certain class—in short, materially, and not dissimilar to how I think of Christianity. It has history and lineage to learn before you break and remake it into something new.

Like many millennial astrologers, my foundation is in Hellenistic astrology, so I start with whole sign houses and traditional planetary rulerships, bringing in outer planets and other modern concepts later on. I'm largely self-taught from the writings of Demetra George, Chris Brennan and Karen Hamaker-Zondag, and currently studying evolutionary astrology.