Bio Plays Astro

birth chart reading
1h15m, $50–75 sliding scale

the first session

mini reading
40 minutes, $30–45 sliding scale

follow-up & focused questions

horoscopes for the new and full moon (& more)

I've studied western astrology seriously since 2017, and I wrote and illustrated the Indiana Daily Student's weekly astrology column with a fraction of the knowledge I have now. I started doing more formal readings for friends in 2020, due to a lack of parties where I'd squint at Astrodienst on my phone and yell about people's Saturns and the focus that comes with starting an immunosuppressant a month before a pandemic.

If you know me, I neither own crystals or think my tarot decks have feelings. I understand astrology as a man-made system like language or religion, created in the context of a certain time to serve the interests of a certain class. It’s not dissimilar to how I think of Catholicism: a tradition with a (less violent) history to study before you break and remake it into something new.

While I'm not exclusively a Hellenistic astrologer, it's where I start. I use:

To book, fill out the form below. All readings take place on Zoom and are recorded for your later reference. I will contact you to schedule our session and ask or answer any additional questions within 48 hours of receiving your order. Your reading is confirmed upon payment via or Venmo (@kdlrose).