KATHRYN DE LA ROSA About Work Astrology

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I’ve studied Western, tropical astrology seriously since 2016 after a decade of guilty adolescent Catholic stealth. I now reach for the Summa theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas: “every multitude proceeds from unity.” Whether you’re theistic or not (I’m not, most days), we are of the same matter as the heavens and share in its movement. It’s a relationship of cohabitation, not causation.

My foundation is Hellenistic, my current study is evolutionary, and my approach is pedagogical: I mostly hope you look at the sky! For more of my vibe, you can read some of my more recent writing.

90-minute full chart reading
$60–90 sliding scale

Meet the sky at the moment you were born. We’ll build your natal chart from its cornerstone, the ruler of your ascendant, then move to how the Sun, the Moon and its nodes, and other planets work together to steer your chart as a whole.

one-hour mini reading
$40–60 sliding scale

A reading for followup, self-study questions, understanding how current and upcoming transits affect you, your birthday, an astrologically-informed tarot reading—whatever you need!