Kathryn de la Rosa [they/she]

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I tend to like linear, conventional drama, with queer people of color and set anywhere but New York. Depending on audience, I think content can be radical independent of form, and we have more to learn about each other than we do about theater.

I write about history & how it haunts us, in elusive, ancestral pain & its materialist conception: how centuries of global capitalism have located these characters in their current conditions, however mundane or insular or provincial their lives seem.

I like plays where nothing seems to happen. I think there is joy in the banal, life is more than suffering, and the vapid, routine things we do are worth celebration.

I believe in specificity, from "get the name of the dog" to the narrative masterclass that is All Too Well by Taylor Swift.

I write womxn who swear and scream and hurt and care for each other, who are strong only some of the time, who are too much.

I'm interested in rurality, ritual, community, epiphany, divinity.

I love realism because life contains magic.

The theater I strive for is jubilant and full of hope borne from loss, The Star following The Tower. I come from resilience and survival, at the twice-colonized fringes of empire and its very heart. I look at my home in Kentucky and see struggle & strength against oligarchy. I write with hope because we imagine & create compassionate, anarchic futures to care for ourselves and each other.

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