Kathryn de la Rosa [they/she]
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Holy Virgins

it’s 2012 in western Kentucky, and Sam, Marina and Jesse are about to be confirmed Catholics, licensed drivers, and suspended from Immaculate Conception High School and/or excommunicated entirely for a Satanic prank gone awry, among other infractions. but something sinister and decidedly earthly is at work in this sour-sweet dark comedy about queer girlhood, forgiving your mom, and what to believe.


“did you know spinster age is 22?” 21-year-old Liha asks her 21-year-old roommates. a sort-of sex comedy in an accidental virgin vault, Ribs explores femininity, sexuality, and privilege from the strange, funny, vulgar confines of a Bloomington, Indiana student rental—and the highs and horrors of being a woman at a state university.

first love / late spring

They meet in autumn, fall in winter, and leave in spring. A selfish pandemic break up(?) one-act.
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